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Refractive procedures and their associated technologies are dynamically expanding the vision correction options available to today’s candidates. Refractive surgeons who offer more than one vision correction procedure are now able to recommend the procedure that is best suited for each individual patient. The more tailored the procedure is for the patient, the better the outcome, and as you know, the happiest patients refer their friends and family. But, getting the word out to the community about all the refractive options available through your practice has been difficult–until now.

Brochures are one of the most basic forms of marketing and patient education because they are relatively inexpensive and can be very informative. Most practices use procedure-specific brochures and simply overprint their practice information on the front or back. Now, Patient Education Concepts can produce a full-color, customized brochure that includes your practice information and each of the refractive procedures you offer at a fraction of the cost charged by advertising agencies.

Name Your Technology and Procedures

Your brochure will cover only the procedures you want included. You also have the option of naming the procedure the way you want it named. Do you want to call surface ablation PRK or Advanced Surface Ablation or LASEK? Is it Refractive Lensectomy, Clear Lensectomy, Dysfunctional Lensectomy, or Refractive Lens Exchange? Are you implanting Phakic IOLs or ICLs? Are you implanting crystalens® in cataract patients or are you implanting the Accommodating IOL (AIOL)?

In addition to selecting procedures and names, you can modify any of the text on our standard panels. If you want to say a procedure takes 10 minutes while our generic text says the procedure takes 20 minutes, there is no extra charge to make the change!

Choose Your Technology and Procedure

Choose from any of these procedures or tell us of any other procedures you may want included in your brochure, and we will create the content for you. Call PEC at 800.436.9126 to request a fax of the panels you would like to review from the list below:

Accommodating IOL
Advanced Surface Ablation
Allegretto WaveLight®
Aphakic IOLs
Bausch & Lomb
Clear Lensectomy
Corneal Refractive Therapy
Custom Cataract Surgery
Custom LASIK

Dysfunctional Lensectomy
Laser Vision Correction
NearVision CK®

Phakic IOL
Presbyopic Inlays
Refractive Lensectomy
Refractive Lens Exchange
Toric IOLs
Wavelight Lasers
Zeiss Meditec Laser

Standard or Custom Covers

Choose our standard "Refractive Surgery Options & Benefits" cover or any of the refractive brochure covers in our "Signature Series." Each "Signature Series" cover is sold on a market-exclusive basis. If you see one you like, and it’s available in your market, it’s yours. If you have already designed a cover, we can use it or let one of our Senior Designers create one to your specifications (reasonable design charges may apply). Also, check out our "Market Exclusive" product line for a full campaign look.

Standard and Custom Panels

Each brochure typically has five standard panels. These include:

1. The Cover with your contact information

2. Introduction to refractive surgery

3. Refractive Errors

4. Are you a candidate – Realistic expectations

5. A customized panel that includes your practice information

Final Brochure Size

Some refractive procedures can be described using only half of a panel while other procedures require a full panel, or more. Your brochure can have eight or ten panels of content. According to the chart below, assuming you include the five ‘standard content panels’ in your brochure (described above), a ten-panel brochure could have 5 or more procedures while an eight-panel brochure could accommodate 3 or more procedures.

Quantity & Pricing

The minimum order for a custom "Refractive Surgery Options & Benefits" brochure is 1,000. Our "Signature Series" covers are also FREE, but you must purchase at least 1,000 per year to maintain your market-exclusive rights to our cover design. If you want us to design a new cover unique to your specifications, the cost will be based on your design specifications and any image license requirements.


Re-Orders and Changes

There are no additional set-up fees. Minor word changes are permitted on all orders at no additional charge.

Normal production time is 12-15 working days, but may vary depending on the degree of customization, the quality of the materials provided to us, and your response time in faxing a signed approval copy to PEC. Shipping will be added to the final invoice. Add 15% for rush charges under normal production time.

Overrun & Underrun Policy

It is standard in the printing industry for custom print jobs to yield as much as 10% more or 10% less than the quantity ordered. You will be invoiced for the exact number printed but it will not be more or less than 10%.

How To Order

1. Choose your procedures and what you want to name them.
2. Choose the cover you want to use.
3. Decide how you want to customize your practice page.
4. Call PEC with your order, and send in your custom materials.
5. PEC will send you a proof within 5 to 7 working days.
6. Approve your proof.
7. PEC will print and ship within approximately 15 working days after approval. Please allow additional time for delivery during holiday seasons.

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Building a custom brochure is as easy as making a phone call
to our sales team at (800) 436.9126.


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