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A Faster & More Convenient Tool than Your Website to Link Patients to Your Practice!

Smartphone applications have become the new trend in technology. It is a faster and more convenient tool to link patients to your practice. Doctor App is a smartphone application about your practice that your patients and referring physicians can download on their iPhone™, iPad™ or Droid for FREE.

CONNECT                 COMMUNICATE                    EDUCATE

With your customized Doctor App, your patients will be able to:

  • Learn about your services.
  • Receive current practice news.
  • View patient education videos.
  • Refer family and friends.
  • Navigate to your office(s) via GPS.
  • Make appointments.
  • View patient testimonials.
  • View pre & post op instructions.
  • Meet the staff.
  • Meet the doctor(s) and review bios.
  • Email questions.
  • Learn about current studies.
  • Accepted Insurance & Financing Plans.
  • Request billing and records.

Ten years ago everyone wondered whether they needed a website. People were unsure, but these days, the answer is obvious: if you’re not on the Web, it’s like you don’t exist. We are at the same stage in Apps.

Don't be the last one to adopt cutting edge technology.

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