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Patient Education Concepts, Inc. is the ophthalmic industry’s premier provider of patient education, marketing, and risk management products. PEC specializes in the production of brochures and other print products, online marketing tools, and video products. It’s founder and president, Robert Watson, has been producing ophthalmic print and video products since he had Radial Keratotomy in 1982. PEC’s long standing as the industry’s leader in this field can be attributed to it staying 100% focused on satisfying the needs within this single specialty. Now more than ever, every prospect, consultation, and referral counts.

PEC’s sole focus for the last few years has been to produce products that help its customers get more for their marketing dollars and capitalize on every lead its customers receive.

“Eye animations have proven effective at communicating difficult-to-understand concepts for years. Until now, practices had to pay exorbitant fees to use animations both in the office and on their website. Now available, the Sight Selector™ Family of Patient Education Programs is the first AFFORDABLE family of 3D Images and Animated Videos with Narrations that you can use to vividly demonstrate a broad category of topics including Cataracts & IOLs,Laser Vision Correction and many of the more common Eye Conditions and Diseases. There are three tools within the Sight Selector family: Sight Selector for iPad; Sight Selector Practice Edition; and Sight Selector Online Edition.

Does your practice have a Facebook page? Our Social Advantage services can help you dramatically increase your fan base by providing your practice with internal marketing tools, dynamic content, themed  Video Promotions and custom contests and campaigns that will stimulate communication with existing and prospective patients. Whether you just need help getting started or you’re completely clueless about where to begin, we have a Social Advantage service package that right for you.

Does your current website properly represent your practice in its design and content? Are you confident that it is doing a good job of educating your current and prospective patients? Can you track how many visitors take the next step and contact your practice?  Are you at the mercy of a web developer that doesn’t have time to make your changes? PEC provides effective and affordable website solutions designed to meet your unique practice needs.  Our popular Next Generation template-based websites offer over 142 pages of ophthalmic content, eight attractive template designs and an easy to use admin program that lets you quickly and easily update the content of your website.

If you want more creative input, we offer a surprisingly affordable Custom Website solution.  Click here to view one of our featured custom websites. Our creative team will work with you to develop a completely customized website based on your specifications and marketing objectives.  And both website solutions incorporate on-going search engine optimization services to ensure the best possible ranking results for your website and a variety of hosting packages that won’t break your budget.

Smartphone applications have become the new trend in technology. It is a faster and more convenient tool to link patients to your practice.


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Patient Referral Program

PEC has updated our 2005 “Preparing for Surgery” consent videos for PRK, LASIK, All Laser LASIK; Epi-LASIK, Cataract Surgery, and Refractive Lens Exchange. With new animations and additional risks and complications, these programs with their accompanying True/False tests are a must to assist with your informed consent process. Now available in English and Spanish!

Another product you will want to take advantage of is Build Your Own Video. If you ever thought about having a custom video that features only the procedures and technology you offer your patients but you didn’t want to spend $15,000 – $20,000, we can produce one for you for $500. Go to the BYOV page in the VIDEOs section of our website to learn more.

Our 20/20Referrals, 20/20 Conversions, and 20/20 Prospects online marketing tools help generate more patient referrals, convert more patients, and capture more prospects. Please visit 20/20 referrals.com for more in depth information about these extremely cost effective email marketing programs.

Our IOL Counselor™ and LVC Counselor™ software programs have proven to significantly increase the percentage of patients that say “YES” to premium IOLs and “YES” to LASIK. Both programs also have a web tool version you can put on your website. You can learn more about these two patient conversion software programs at IOLCounselor.com and LVC Counselor.com

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