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Patient Conversion Software

Until now, the only time your patients experienced the WOW factor was after LASIK when they sat up on the table and could see the clock on the wall for the first time in years. Now, your patients can experience another WOW factor before LASIK, with the LVC Counselor™ patient education software program.

The LVC Counselor™ is now available to help deliver a dynamic and systematic approach to counseling laser vision candidates. It has consistently proven to increase the number of patients who say ”Yes” to laser vision correction, by allowing them to visualize the benefits of laser vision correction BEFORE actually having it done.

Before purchasing any luxury item, people have to visualize themselves owning and enjoying the product, which is difficult for many of us to do. That's why people test drive a vehicle before they purchase it. The LVC Counselor is a powerful and convincing tool that allows patients, along with their family members, to virtually 'test drive' laser vision correction before making their decision.

“The LVC Counselor™ allows practices to address the two biggest obstacles that prevent patients from having surgery: cost and fear, said Robert Watson, President of Patient Education Concepts, Inc. “Cost is overcome by using CareCredit®’s Payment Calculator to show its affordability. Fear is overcome by showing each practices surgical outcome statistics, which builds confidence that they came to a practice that can deliver the results they desire.” Each counseling session can also be tracked and reported to your practice taking the guess work out of knowing your true patient conversion rate.

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LVC Counselor™Customer TESTIMONIALS

           Pepose Vision Institute

”We show it to 99% of all patients eligible for LASIK, and just about every one of them has said, ‘Oh My Gosh! I am so impressed with this tool’. And, family members, who are with them are blown out of the water too. They’ll say to their loved one, ‘I can’t believe this is actually how you see. You need to have this procedure RIGHT NOW’.”
Dawn Cavanaugh, COO – Pepose Vision Institute – Chesterfield, MO

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           Associated Eye Care

”The LVC Counselor is the perfect companion to today’s sophisticated laser vision correction procedures. The high tech user friendly graphics walk patients through the procedure, setting realistic expectations, and allaying the fear of the procedure. Our patients expect the best and most recent technology for their procedure. The LVC Counselor helps us deliver this by providing a modern educational aid that kicks off the patient’s total experience in a very positive way.”
Stephen S. Lane, MD – Associated Eye Care – Stillwater, MN.

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           Pepose Vision Institute

”Our practice prides itself on being grounded in outcomes and evidence-based medicine. The Outcomes and Results Tool of the LVC Counselor allows us to graphically present our own outcomes to prospective laser vision patients. They really appreciate this transparency, and it gives them greater confidence in proceeding with surgery.”
Jay S. Pepose, MD – Pepose Vision Institute – Chesterfield, MO

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           Stephen G. Slade, MD, FACS

”When there is a dip in the Consumer Confidence Index, there tends to be fewer patients seeking LASIK. So it’s extremely important that we capture all patients that come in the door during these times. With a Patient Tracking Module report placed on my desk every week, I can see exactly how each one of my counselors is doing at converting patients and if patients are not scheduling, I can see the reason why they did not schedule.

It really makes the LVC Counselor a complete package for educating patients and tracking conversions.”
Stephen G. Slade, MD, FACS

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           Augenklinik am Marienplatz

"The LVC Counselor's comprehensive and versatile approach to educating patients is ideal for practices worldwide. With its ability to present in 8 languages, this visually captivating and persuasive software is unparalleled in its design and functionality."
Tobias Neuhann, MD – Augenklinik am Marienplatz – Munich.

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