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Thanks to the smartphone revolution, tasks that were once only performed on a computer are now done in the palm of our hands. Current and prospective patients are using their smartphones to surf the web and research information about your practice which means having a mobile version of your website that is easy to navigate is critical if you want to compete.

Mobile Website Design Standard Features:

  • 100% Custom Mobile Design
  • Touch Navigation
  • Contact & Appointment Request Forms
  • Cross-Platform Smartphone Compatibility
    (iPhone™, DROID™ Windows®, etc.)
  • Video Implementation
  • Mobile Device Detection

Beautifully Designed With The User In Mind:

PEC analyzes your main website design, content and traffic to identify the key elements your mobile site needs to include. We take this information and combine strict industry development standards with the latest design technology to create a mobile site that is both beautiful and functional for smartphone users. A mobile website is a necessary extension of your main website and recommended for all practices seeking to maximize their online/mobile exposure.


Smartphone Detection for Websites, iPhone, Android, and more.Mobile Website Options:

TEMPLATE Mobile Website: $1,500.00
Choose from one of our professionally designed market exclusive templates. These beautiful templates come in a variety of styles and color schemes that can compliment almost any visual profile. Each template accommodates 6 pages of content featuring key information about your practice. The template structure minimizes development time so your mobile website can be complete in less than two weeks.


TEMPLATE Mobile Website Features:

  • 4 Template Designs to Choose From
  • 6 Content Pages Including:
    • Home
    • Our Doctors or About Us
    • LASIK
    • Cataract
    • Appointment Request Form
    • Location/Contact Form (Google Map Link)
  • Touch Navigation
  • Cross‐Platform Smartphone Compatibility
    (iPhone™, DROID™ and Windows®)
  • Video Implementation Capability
  • Mobile Device Detection

Mobile Compatible Websites Custom Mobile Website Options:

Custom Mobile Website: $3,795.00
If you’re looking for a Mobile Website design that is completely unique to your practice, or needs to fit within a particular design scheme, our custom mobile website option is for you . The custom option offers the flexibility in design, navigation and number of content pages (up to 12 pages). Our knowledgeable project team will work closely with you to help determine key elements of your mobile website, content, navigation and design. We’ll take this information and construct a mobile website that visually represents your practice in design, structure and functionality.


Custom Mobile Website Features:

  • 100% Custom Mobile Design
  • Touch Navigation
  • Up to 12 Content Pages
  • Internal Text Links
  • Contact & Appointment Request Forms
  • Cross‐Platform Smartphone Compatibility (iPhone™, DROID™ & Windows®)
  • Video Implementation Capability
  • Mobile Device Detection

Monthly Management & Maintenance: $30.00

Once your mobile website is complete PEC will continually update and maintain your mobile website through
our monthly management and maintenance service. This agreement entitles you to 5 website edits per
month including image and content updates and changes. Any structural changes or page additions will be
quoted separately based on project scope.

Customer Service & Project Management Expertise:

Let’s face it – you can have all the mobile website design talent and expertise in the world, but if you can’t
take good care of your customers and provide the care, guidance and advice they need during the
development process, the end‐result will leave you frustrated. PEC has built its success and reputation by
always placing customer satisfaction at the forefront of any project.

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