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Patient Education Concepts, Inc. (PEC), located in Houston, Texas is the marketing products and service subsidiary of NovaMed, Inc. PEC’s president and founder, Robert Watson, has produced and marketed patient education materials for the ophthalmic industry since 1982. PEC has provided their products to over 12,000 eye care professionals in the United States and in over 30 countries.

PEC’s core business is providing brochures, videos, posters, print ads, direct mail cards, pocket folders, web sites, and radio and television commercials to its physician customers. These materials are used for internal and external marketing of surgical procedures and to increase surgical volume of its customers. PEC specializes in cataract and refractive surgery products but also produces a number of products for other medical specialties.

Additionally, PEC works closely with the ophthalmic industry’s largest device manufacturers in developing collateral marketing materials to support the introduction of new technology. Recently, PEC developed a full line of marketing materials for the new intraocular lenses designed to provide a full rage of vision (near, intermediate, and distance) without dependence on glasses after cataract surgery. It has also produced a wide range of support materials for the key excimer laser manufacturers for LASIK, laser vision correction.

In March 2007, PEC partnered with Eyeland Design Network, GmbH to create the IOL Counselor™. The IOL Counselor is a patient education software program created specifically to increase the number of patients converting from standard monofocal IOLs to premium IOLs. The IOL Counselor has been successfully implemented in thousands of practices around the world and continues to prove invaluable to practices wishing to grow their refractive IOL surgical volume.

In April 2008, PEC and Eyeland introduced the LVC Counselor™ created specifically to help more patients say “Yes” to LASIK by allowing them to see visual simulations of how they would see postoperatively based on their pre-op prescription.

In October 2008, PEC introduced 20/20 Referrals™, 20/20 Conversions™, and 20/20 Prospects™ – three online marketing tools that automatically build patient referrals, increase conversions, and capture prospects though HTML emails.

April 2009, PEC introduced two new video products. VIDEOSITES™ is a FLASH based video landing page that allows practices to organize and place all their patient education and practice information videos on their website. Build Your Own Video (BYOV) allows a practice to create a VERY custom video that includes only the procedure and devices they use within their practice. These videos are ideal for the reception room or to provide to patients as handouts and referral networking.

PEC prides itself in being responsive to both our physician’s and our corporate customers’s requests. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for on our website, please give us a call or email sales@patientedconcepts.com and tell us exactly what you need. It is this dedicated attention to our customer needs that keeps us at the top of this exciting and ever changing specialty.




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