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Website PromotionsNext Generation Website Promotions

As one of the industry's leading providers of patient education and practice marketing materials, PEC is able to offer a number of web based promotions. Each consists of a Home Page graphic that is linked to a detail page about your promotion.

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What is a Next Generation Website?

Next Generation Websites incorporate all the standard features that Internet users expect in a site, as well as advanced features that make the site easier to use. Next Generation Websites are dynamic like your practice, easy to update, and ­capable of integrating with your other external marketing campaigns. In addition to providing patients with all the up-to-date information they need to take the next step and contact your office, Next Generation websites have meaningful tracking reports that provide proof that visitors to your site are ­actually contacting your office.

What Patients Want On Your Website

PEC conducted a focus group of both seniors and young adults asking them what they would look for when visiting an ophthalmologist’s Website. One issue was clear: the appropriate content is ­critical to meeting prospective patients' needs, and patients want a lot of it! If you do not offer enough or the right kind of ­information, visitors will not stay on your site very long. The longer visitors stay on your site, the more likely they are to become one of your patients. Visitors who leave a site without taking a "next step" such as registering for a seminar, ­signing up for email news, requesting ­additional ­information, etc., usually do so because they feel you are attempting to restrict the information you want them to have or that your ­information is too limited or out of date.

PEC has created Internet-friendly, graphic-supported content that instills trust and confidence. The ­navigational design makes it easy to access while it continuously leads visitors to taking the next step of contacting your ­practice.

The Website’s New Role in Marketing

Newspaper, direct mail, radio, and television ads cannot realistically give patients all the details about your practice or a ­promotion on which you want them to act. To maximize the results of your advertising campaigns, use the ads to direct patients to your Website for more information. By connecting your Home Page with your other advertising efforts, your site becomes the source for visitors to learn more detailed information about your campaign or ­promotion. Once visitors to your site are ready to take the next step, they are only a click away to becoming visitors to your practice.

As one of the industry's leading providers of patient education and practice marketing materials, PEC is able to offer a number of web-based promotions. Each consists of a Home Page graphic that is linked to a detail page about your promotion. PEC has created integrated newspaper or magazine print ads, direct mail cards, and radio spots that compliment each promotional campaign to drive leads to your website. If you have created your own marketing campaigns, PEC can also help create the Home and Content pages to support your efforts.

Administering Your Website

PEC's Next Generation Website provides you with an administration tool to make updating your site easy. This administration tool allows you to change your ­seminar dates, update your physician information, add and remove downloadable forms, and change your ­promotional messages instantly, without having to pay extra to make these types of routine changes.

Results-Driven ROI Tracking Reports

Is your site paying for itself? PEC's Next Generation Tracking Reports provide you with a dynamic reporting matrix that gives you valuable data such as:

  • how effectively your external marketing drove patients to the site,
  • average length of stay
  • number of unique ­visitors per day
  • which of the links on your page they visited, and most ­importantly,
  • how many patients clicked on a 'next-step' feature that indicates they are ­contacting your practice.

These reports can be accessed at any time through your site's administration tool and are updated in real time as the activity on your site is occurring. You may also compare your data with predefined groups to benchmark your site’s performance to group averages.

Additionally, PEC offers its clients a monthly user group conference call so that you can learn new ideas for marketing your practice and other insights Next Generation clients have gained to maximize the value of their sites.

Satisfied Customers

Since we introduced the Next Generation Website in 2002, over 70 ophthalmologists across the country have found using our Website has met or exceeded their expectations. Visit www.joneseyecenters.com to view our other websites, then give them a call and ask how satisfied they are with their site.

Search Engine Optimization

Everyone wants to be listed first on the various search engines. Next Generation Website users have an advantage because sites with lots of pages of content carry weight and relevance on most search engines. However, search engines don’t want you to be first all the time so they constantly change the algorithms they use to position sites with various search words.

PEC now includes a monthly search engine optimization service to our Gold and Platinum members. Home pages are optimized using key search words and the site is submitted to the top 30 search engines. Each month, you will receive a report showing your position on the search engines with your key words. This service is not available for Silver members.

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