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Sight Selector™ Family

3 Sight Selector™ APPS for the iPad™ & iPhone™
are Now Available for Purchase in the App Store!

All Sight Selector program topics in each of the Sight Selector Apps contains a series of 3D images that can be shown one at a time while you counsel your patient with your own words, or you can use the topic’s animated video with narration. Programs can be linked together to create and save playlists; custom videos can be imported into playlists; the “Draw” feature can be used on the 3D images; and your iPad screen can be viewed simultaneously on a large monitor via Apple TV and Wi-Fi.

Sight Selector Subscription for the iPad™ and iPhone™  is an annual subscription service that costs less than $1.00 a day and includes full access to all 84 program topics and any new topics released during your active subscription. It is the only Sight Selector for iPad app that provides the capability of printing color handouts for each topic with your Practice Name at the top of the page.

Sight Selector™ Lite for the iPad™ and iPhone™ includes the “Eye Anatomy” topic at no cost. After downloading the Free App and Eye Anatomy topic, you will be able to purchase additional optional topics (In-Apps) within the applicaton.

Sight Selector™ Premium for the iPad™ and iPhone™ comes bundled with 50 individual topics that were completed upon its November 2010 release and sells at a 20% discount to individual topic pricing. After purchasing the 50 Individual topics, you will be able to purchase additional optional topics (In-Apps) within the application.

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Why Purchase Sight Selector™ for the iPad™?

  • - Each of the 80+ topics comes with a series of still images and a narrated animated video.

  • - Uses real-life patient perspective scenes to help patients better relate to their eye conditions and treatment options.

  • - The 10” iPad™ screen and light weight frame make it ideal to carry from exam room to exam room.

  • - Its portability and battery life (8 to 10 hours) is ideal to take to health fairs or other external marketing events.

The Sight Selector has been extremely helpful because it gives the patient a chance to ‘test drive’ their vision and simulates what they can expect from our various treatment options. “We use the Sight Selector in all of our lanes and in all of our counseling areas. We also have it online,” Stephen Slade, MD – Slade and Baker Vision Center

To Order any of the Sight Selector products, call (281) 583-5577 or (800) 436-9126.

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