Videos - Build Your Own Video (BYOV)

One Customized Video Program with ALL Your Procedures
At last! Now you can combine all your procedures into one program. All BYOV programs are produced in High Definition 16 x 9 format – ideal for Plasma or LCD big screen TVs.

CLICK HERE to see a complete BYOV featuring iLASIK, ICLs & Cataract and Refractive Lens Exchange with Premium IOLs.

CLICK HERE to see a complete BYOV on Laser Vision Correction (PRK Only) featuring Advanced CustomVue.

CLICK HERE to see a complete BYOV featuring LASIK with the Allegretto Wave IQ and Cataract (No RLE) with AcrySof® ReSTOR® IQ IOL.

View streaming segments of what you can choose to include in your BYOV:

  • Custom Title and Introduction: Choose from our list of titles like “Vision for the Way You Live,” “Refractive Surgery Options and Benefits,” or make up a title unique to your practice like, “Seeing Clearly At Jones Eye Centers”.

    Vision For the Way You Live
    Vision to Suit Your Lifestyle
    Vision For the Way You Live (Cataract Only)
      More to come!

  • How the Eye Works: Nearsightedness, Farsightedness, Astigmatism, Presbyopia and Cataracts are described. Optionally, cataracts can be eliminated if producing a Laser Vision Correction only video.

    How the Eye Works

  • Laser Vision Procedures: CustomVue™.

    CustomVue™ - All Laser LASIK
    CustomVue™ - Blade Free LASIK
    CustomVue™ - LASIK VISX No IntraLASE
    CustomVue™ - PRK or Surface Treatment
    CustomVue™ - Sub Bowman's Keratomileusis IntraLase
    CustomVue™ - Sub Bowman's Keratomileusis Ziemer
    CustomVue™ - zLASIK

  • Laser Vision Procedures: WaveLight®.

    WaveLight® - All Laser LASIK
    WaveLight® - Blade Free
    WaveLight® - PRK
    WaveLight® - Sub Bowman's Keratomileusis IntraLase
    WaveLight® - Sub Bowman's Keratomileusis Ziemer
    WaveLight® - zLASIK

  • Laser Vision Procedures: Choose from LASIK, LASEK, PRK, Epi-LASIK, SBK, iLASIK, zLASIK or whatever you want to call your procedure.

    PRK - Advanced Surface Treatment
    PRK - Advanced Surface Ablation
    LASIK Laser Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis
    PRK or Surface Treatment
    PRK - LASEK Laser Epithelial Keratectomy
    LVC (PRK and LASIK)

  • Laser Vision Technology: VISX Star S4 IR; WaveLight Allegretto Wave; WaveLight Allegretto IQ; Zyoptix 217z; LADARVision 4000; Nidek EC 5000.

    Advanced CustomVue™

    LASIK with the WaveLight® Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q

    Laser Vision Correction (PRK & LASIK) with the WaveLight® Allegretto Wave®

  • Phakic IOLs: Choose from a generic overview of phakic IOLs or choose Visian ICL or Verisyse IOL or both.

    Visian ICL - The Implantable Contact Lens
    Visian ICL and Verisyse
      More to come!

  • Cataracts and/or Refractive Lens Exchange: Choose the types of premium IOLs you want to
    promote like ReSTOR, ReZoom, Crystalens, Tecnis Multifocal, Toric IOLs, or Premium IOLs. If you only do cataract surgery with monofocal IOLs, consider a segment on Monovision.

    Cataract RLE - ReSTOR®, Tecnis®, ReZoom™ and Crystalens®
    Cataract RLE - Tecnis®
    Cataract RLE - Toric™
    Cataract RLE - Toric and ReSTOR
    Cataract No RLE - ReSTOR®, ReZoom™, Tecnis® and Crystalens®
    Cataract No RLE - Tecnis™
    Cataract No RLE - Toric™
    Cataract No RLE - Toric™ and ReSTOR®
    Premium IOL - ReSTOR® IQ
    Premium IOL - Crystalens®
    Premium IOL - Nonspecific
    Premium IOL - ReSTOR® (No Refractive Lens Exchange)
    Premium IOL - Crystalens® (No Refractive Lens Exchange)
    Premium IOL - Nonspecific (No Refractive Lens Exchange)

  • Other Procedures: Intacs, CK, or any other procedure can be added to your program.

    Coming soon!

  • Realistic Expectations: Short segment to add balance to program.

    Realistic Expectations - Laser Vision Correction
    Realistic Expectations

  • Custom Closes: If you only want to put the video in your reception room: “We’ll be with you in a moment.” contact our practice for a free consultation.”  You can also include or exclude: “We offer financing!”

    Laser Vision Correction (DVD or Website)
    Laser Vision Correction (Reception Room)
    Cataract (DVD or Website)
    Cataract (Reception Room)
    Multiple Procedures (DVD or VideoSites)
    Multiple Procedures (Reception Room)


PEC can arrange to send you our High Definition Camera Package, consisting of camera, light, microphone and tripod so you can add a personalized introduction or conclusion. You’ll have the camera for most of the day so consider recording some testimonials or other office scenes. This package will be shipped via Federal Express and must be returned the following business day.  Rental of PEC’s HD Camera Package: $350 per day plus shipping (approximately $200).


First decide if you want a Reception Room Master with the “We’ll be with you in a moment” close or if you want a Marketing Master to use on your VIDEOSITE™ or to hand out to patients with the “Contact our practice for a free consultation.” (See copyright information below). Additional editing fees may apply when adding additional custom footage provided by the practice or other resources.

1st Master Creation (Reception room or marketing) ............................................... $500
2nd Master Creation (Different close than first master)........................................... $150
Reception Room Back-Up Copies.............................................................................. $75 each

Multiple DVD Copies for Hand Outs

Cost per DVD




PEC retains full copyrights to all BYOV programs created for its customers and protected by U.S. and international copyrights and other rights proprietary to PEC. PEC expressly prohibits copying, modifying, reverse engineering, inserting or uploading on your website or video sharing websites and creating derivative works based on any of the content without PEC's express written permission. For any content provided to PEC for inclusion in a BYOV, customer agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend PEC against any loss, claims, damages, fees (including reasonable attorney’s fees) or any other liability to any person or property arising out of or related the violation of another person’s or entity’s copyright.

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